Who is Your Coach?

Karen Kelsey

Inspires, motivates and keeps you goal-focused to achieve the results you require

“During the time we worked together, I noted that she very astutely developed a very good sense of emotional intelligence and was very much aware of the dynamics and politics of relationship management in complex NHS organisations going through transformational changes. She was an effective and enthusiastic manager and was always looking for innovation…. Karen has the right attitude and determination to overcome difficulties and turn them into positives, which is not only inspiring but a testament to her character as a person and also as a professional. I would strongly recommend her as a coach and mentor” – that was a quote from a LinkedIn Recommendation from previous Line Manager, Luton Community Services.

I established the Kelsey-Coaching Practice in April 2014, after deciding to dedicate my career to developing others to be the best they can be – in work, at home, within themselves. I experienced life changing growth during my training to be a Coach and Mentor and want to share that with others.  I hadn’t realised before then, that greater happiness can be developed and that self-limiting beliefs can be eradicated – coaching has the power to really change lives.

I have a wealth of management, leadership, training and people development experience after 25 years in the NHS. I have worked in middle to senior management positions, in Teaching, Education, Training, and Workforce Development roles. My most recent employment was as Workforce Development Manager for a large Community Trust with 3500 employees across a very large geographical area, and I was responsible for designing, commissioning and managing the delivery of corporate training programmes including management, leadership and performance appraisal systems. I am registered on the  NHS East of England Coach net and am also an approved Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree appraisal feedback facilitator.  I am a qualified teacher of adults and an MBTI psychometrics practitioner.

I have had the pleasure of coaching many senior managers and clinicians in the NHS during times of great change where their personal resilience has been severely tested.  I have delivered 360 degree appraisal feedback to many of these individuals and assisted them with their self awareness and developing realistic and targeted personal development plans.

I have coached senior practitioners and managers to gain a promotion, communicate better with their own managers, colleagues and staff, empower others and delegate more effectively.  I have focused on their personal resilience and the point at which pressure becomes stress in order to identify the behaviour and formulate strategies for dealing with stress. Some testimonials are included on this web site for you to understand the types of changes that can take place as a result of professional, targeted performance and executive coaching.

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with some amazingly creative and talented individuals and have developed my own staff to be the best they can be. I continue to mentor and coach many colleagues from my past in the NHS which is a real privilege.

I am told that my style and personality is empathetic, inspiring, motivating, engaged, and goal focused.  I also use challenge where necessary and when previously agreed with my client.  I am told also that I have the ability to put you at ease very quickly so that you can relax, be open, honest and comfortable in the relationship. I use open questioning and summarising and reflecting back what I have heard and observed in order to help clients gain the clarity and focus required.  I use many creative methods to help clients discover their motivations, goals and ultimately pathways to success and fulfilment. Although I provide the right coaching environment and structure for the session, you decide what is effective for you in terms of style and approach and I will encourage you to provide feedback to allow me to continuously tailor the coaching to suit your needs.

I believe I have strong personal values about individuals being authentic, genuine and honest with themselves - this is required before clients can truly identify their values and motivations and achieve their best potential.

The one thing that I require from you is that you are 100% committed to the coaching process and working hard to develop and grow to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations. As I have 100% success rate with clients to date, it is vital that I can gain your commitment to your learning and development early on in the relationship; otherwise my Practice’s reputation may be adversely affected. If this commitment is not evident after some discussion and exploration during the Contracting process, I will not be able to continue further with coaching at that time.

As I am constantly developing my skills and knowledge in my field of practice, I am constantly self-developing and learning amazing techniques to remove self limiting beliefs, fears and phobias, and reduce anxiety in a range of situations.  Watch this space for the New Year with new offerings for clients using Hypnotherapy!

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Here are some of my relevant qualifications and experiences:

  • Qualified Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor – ILM Level 7, trained by highly acclaimed ‘The Performance Coach’.
  • Associate of Barr-Jones – strategic development, coaching and mentoring and business growth consultancy in Hertfordshire – (http://www.barrjonesassociates.com)
  • Work in partnership with Grierson-Hill Consultancy and Niche Learning Programmes to design and deliver bespoke training, development and leadership interventions.
  • Senior Training, Education and Workforce Development roles in the NHS for 25 years.
  • Qualified as a Teacher of Adults and an NVQ assessor in early 90s.
  • Qualified Prince II Project Manager – was an original member of the project team for HISS in Greenwich Healthcare Trust.
  • 17 years in IT general management and project management (South East London)
  • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Step 1 Practitioner
  • Life Coaching Certificate from the Coaching Academy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Coach and NLP Professional member of the ANLP
  • Qualified Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree appraisal feedback facilitator
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist – student of the National Diploma for Clinical Hypnotherapy

Check out the Coaching and Mentoring Network for Karen Kelsey’s offerings to business and personal clients: http://new.coachingnetwork.org.uk/