What Can We Offer You?

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching / Mentoring on a 1:1 Basis

For details of Programmes for individual private clients, SME Business Owners/Directors, Executives and Middle/Senior Managers please visit our Promotions Page. We provide life coaching, performance, executive coaching and leadership mentoring for individuals and businesses of all sizes.  Coaching can be used to resolve  a problem or issue, or work towards achieving an aspiration or goal.   Examples of where coaching can be used effectively are establishing better work-life balance, losing weight and establishing a healthier lifestyle, enhancing self awareness and understanding of others, leadership development, developing greater personal resilience, embracing change, and assisting returners to work to find suitable employment including helping them prepare themselves physically and mentally for interview. These are just some examples as coaching can be applied to most scenarios. Where appropriate and agreed, we combine coaching and mentoring approaches to develop you to lead and manage with more confidence and effectiveness. Mentoring allows the coach / mentor to provide advice and guidance which is often very helpful to maximise the effectiveness of the coaching conversation. See the separate page Weight Loss Programme for our Coach Me Well, sustained weight loss and wellbeing programme. Now available in Workshops as well as individualised Consultations.

Team or Group Coaching (using Psychometrics)

Team Coaching is goal focused to achieve increased performance as a team, through a growth in self awareness, more understanding of team dynamics and working positively with individual difference in skill set and personality. We use Psychometrics such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), DISC, and Insights Discovery to develop your self awareness and assist with your  team development.  This can be used with groups and teams to enhance working relationships, communication, motivation and productivity. 

(Healthcare Leadership Model) 360 Degree Appraisal and Feedback Facilitation

This tool is extremely helpful in terms of developing your self awareness (based on 360 degree feedback from your colleagues) and creating goals and personal development plans for the future. We will assist you through the process of engaging your contributors.  When the feedback is received from all contributors, it is summarised into a report which we then analyse and précis in order to provide you with a really in-depth and informative 1:1 development session. This often takes place before a series of focused coaching sessions to address the gaps or areas where development needs have been identified.  This tool is designed for the healthcare market e.g. NHS staff; however, Kelsey-Coaching can design a bespoke 360 degree appraisal process which reflects the culture, values, and behaviours of your business or organisation.

Action Learning Set Design and Facilitation

We can design creative and appropriate scenarios to generate a debate between a group of individuals to produce ideas and business plans, to problem solve and stimulate learning. We can facilitate the group discussion to ensure the debate stays on track, everyone is involved, and delivers the outcomes you require.  We have years of experience in designing developmental training courses and interventions and will take the time to really understand your needs and desired outcomes before designing the final offering/programme.

Performance Appraisal Systems and Training

We can design a Performance Appraisal system to suit your organisation’s or business’s needs, in line with your performance management policies and strategy, the culture of the organisation, its values and behaviours.  We can prepare both appraisers and those being appraised so that both achieve the optimum benefits from the appraisal process. Coaching for individuals or training for groups on how to design and carry out an effective appraisal can be designed, and we have many years experience in a corporate setting of designing and delivering policy, strategy and courses in this subject area.

Preparing Individuals for Returning to Work or Interview

Returning to work after a period of being home e.g. after being made redundant, or taking care of an elderly relative or staying home to look after your children, can be a very daunting prospect. Your confidence and self-esteem may not be as high as you would wish. Through coaching and employing NLP techniques, we work with you to raise awareness of the skills and abilities you already possess and how these are transferable to the workplace.  We can generate an increase in motivation, confidence and enthusiasm to implement your plans and can support you to make the right decisions about the industry and type of job suited to your personality, abilities, competency and aspirations. Coaching and NLP can help you prepare for interview, provide clarity of thinking and remove negative interference including self-limiting beliefs. It can also help to remove or reduce anxiety which may threaten to reduce your potential success at interview.

Business Coaching

Sometimes we are just so close up to our business that we can’t see the wood for the trees.  It can be invaluable to have a business coach to help you to view yourself and your business from a different perspective – helping you carry out SWOT analyses, looking with fresh eyes at what you do well and what not so well, what the competitors are doing, and what the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your business really is.  We will support you whilst you formulate your short and long term goals for the company, and create your marketing strategy and business development plan.  We will get you and your business ready for the success you know you can achieve….with a little help from a non-judgemental and highly skilled business coach.

Empowering Personal Best