What Do People Say?

“Empowering Personal Best”

At the Kelsey-Coaching Practice our clients are proud to say they have a personal Coach. The reason we know this, is that most new clients have been referred to us from friends, colleagues, and family members who have used our services before. They are so excited about the benefits they have experienced, that they advise everyone they possibly can to try coaching to solve their problems and become happier and more successful.

We are currently working with clients who came with a variety of issues, problems and aspirations ranging from achieving a SUSTAINABLE healthy weight and exercise routine (no “faddish” diets, calorie counting or difficult to sustain exercise programmes), successfully ending a personal relationship, gaining greater leadership capability and income generating skills, preparing the pathway for promotion, returning back to work after several years at home with children, through to looking at personal impact on others in order to build more successful relationships.

Clients are from all walks of life, and vary in age currently from 25 to 60.  What they all have in common is that they are proud to be investing in their own development and happiness.

Readers are advised to review my LinkedIn profile which contains ‘Recommendations’ from Colleagues. 

The information below is collected from clients’ review forms when they have completed their coaching.

“When I first met with Karen I was apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect from the session but as soon as the front door was opened I felt at ease. Karen is extremely warm and has a sense of calm about her which is infectious. I found I could open up to her without feeling as though I was being judged and left the session feeling as if a weight had been lifted. We discussed what I wanted to achieve from the sessions, how realistic my goals were and how I was going to carry out the changes. Karen made me really think about my priorities and put things into perspective. I knew the coming weeks would see a change in my lifestyle and I was and still am really excited.

I spoke to Andrew regarding nutrition and again I left the call feeling really motivated and knew I wouldn’t diet again. I was going to change my eating habits but not deprive myself or feel guilty about eating ‘bad’ foods. Several weeks on from my call with Andrew and I feel better than I have for a long time. I’m eating healthier foods and smaller portions whilst not depriving myself should I want something a little more calorific. I have lost nearly a stone and dropped two dress sizes and all the while not felt like I’ve missed out. If I had been dieting I would have given in by now and feeling angry with myself for not having enough willpower to stick to a diet. I haven’t lost weight as quickly as if I were following a dieting club but my weight loss is steady and much more likely to stay off for good.

I can’t recommend Karen and Andrew highly enough. I am so much happier now I’ve changed my eating habits and outlook on life and feel this is a long term investment. Karen and Andrew have continued their support and I know should I need a little guidance they are there for me.”

ZH, Hertfordshire (Coach Me Well, Insight Programme)

“I was under pressure from the extra workload caused by a fast-growing business and as a result felt that I was not always in control of my emotions, even in client-facing situations. Karen has helped me to find a way to remain calm under pressure, and introduced me to techniques that mean I can stay on top of difficult situations at work.

My time with Karen has been enormously helpful to me personally and professionally. I feel that I now project a much more professional image to my clients and my colleagues. And I am much less worried about my performance in work because I know that I can handle whatever the business brings my way. Karen’s practical but sympathetic approach is backed by her own experiences in corporate life. I found her to be an honest and open person with whom I felt comfortable to share my thoughts and concerns.

Whether you are looking for a new direction or help with tweaking your current approach to life and business, I believe that working with Karen will be a valuable and worthwhile investment.”

Karen, Director, Biggleswade

“After just a few sessions with Karen I am feeling more confident in my role as a manager and she has helped me to think about coping strategies for my ever increasing workload.  Her sessions can be full on and really make me dig deep but she does get results and I’ve already managed to achieve a pay increase with her help in preparing for my appraisal.  Karen has been helping me improve my leadership skills and to think about the effect my actions can have on work colleagues.  I have found her knowledge and understanding of the NHS to be invaluable and she has a great understanding of the problems and dilemmas I have to deal with on a daily basis.  Karen will very often help me to see the problem from a different angle which helps me to find a solution.  I am also learning about the NHS standards which I knew nothing about before I started coaching. Karen is a great motivator and is passionate about coaching. Her sessions are excellent value for money in my opinion.  I always feel more motivated and almost “on a high” after our sessions and cant imagine anyone would not benefit from her coaching technique.”

Angie, Luton

“I chose to speak to a life coach after finding myself at a cross roads in my career, I was extremely confused and had no idea what to do next, I was recommended to Karen by a mutual friend.  I found Karen to be extremely calm and collected, her friendly manner putting me at ease straight away. I felt completely relaxed and able to open up about the journey that had led me to this point in my life.  Although Karen listened to me talk about my confusions she would also challenge me on my thoughts leading me to really think about what I was doing and where I wanted to be. She then helped me plan out the journey of getting to my end goal. A goal it had taken me some time to realise.  After just a few sessions with Karen I came away feeling more confident about my situation and knowing I had the ability to make a change in my life that I was happy with.  I am now in a job that I am so much more happy with but not only that, have more of a knowledge and understanding of what’s important to me going forward and the steps I need to take to achieve this. I always look back on my sessions to remember this.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen to anyone that was seeking guidance and clarity in any situations that may be worrying them.”

Katherine M, Luton

“I realise that I cannot make people change but am in control of myself and can adjust my reactions to people. I also realise that people are different and I have to find different ways of communicating so that I can understand their needs and they understand what’s required of them. I also realise that at times I am fearful of change or making a start at something new – I now try to break things down into smaller bite size pieces of work so that it doesn’t appear as challenging. I recognise that I don’t have all the answers and there is nothing wrong with saying I don’t know but I will try to find out… I think the development of my skills since undertaking the coaching have enabled me to be a better leader and has impacted on my staff team positively. I find that they are willing to take on responsibility knowing that they have my support and they are not on their own. Some of my staff have fed back that they enjoy having me as their leader and have noticed a difference in my management style.”

Debbie L, Luton

“Would definitely recommend this coach to other people as she has a very easy open style that enables the coachee to relax. She is very clear in the contracting process and makes the giving a receiving of feedback a positive experience. Her greatest competency and ability was to utilise appropriate models of coaching practice in the coaching sessions that stretched me in a positive way to enable wider thinking and therefore more options for action. Body language was always very open and attentive.”

Karen H, Cambridge

“I realised that a lot of the answers were already within me. I found it enlightening and was ready to take on the world after one session focusing on my Marketing and Advertising plans for my business. Things I found fearful that I was avoiding were broken down into chunks during the coaching and I found that I had nothing to fear after all. My coach made me feel open and honest like I didn’t think possible. I can’t wait for my next session!”

J Smith, Luton

“My team is going through a lot of changes at the moment, with an imminent office move, service expansion and two team members leaving, not to mention the wider organisation changes. I believe that taking part in coaching and managing my own stress levels has helped me to keep my team together and focused which in turn has helped keep staff stress levels down and motivation and productivity up.”

Lyn M, Luton

“I am far better at seeing the key issues behind the challenges I face and work by setting targets and strategies to address them. I believe that I have been reasonably self aware, but this has helped me focus on key aspects of my preferences and reasons why I might make certain decisions. I can now better evaluate whether or not these preferences are going to get the outcome I would like. It has benefitted myself by being happier in my role and better able to prioritise. I am less likely to avoid the things I find more difficult. As a result, I believe that my management style has improved in so far as I can be more focused and break down what I want to achieve into more measurable steps. I have received feedback from staff in that they have seen an improvement in my confidence and clarity. I understand that leadership involves a degree of confidence to know yourself and impart this to your colleagues.

I have received genuinely supportive feedback from my line manager via email to say that she has noted and greatly appreciates the improvements in my role and performance. I can honestly say that I am happier! Karen has been very honest and clearly invests great belief in the coaching process. This in itself is motivating. Karen has taken a lot of trouble to understand my own strengths and areas for development. Karen’s greatest competencies were to give me enough time to explore the issues, not be put off when the going was difficult and help me focus on real targets. I feel that I have been able to challenge her, test her and she has always been able to remain secure enough for me to trust.”

Mary R, Cambridgeshire

“I have lost half a stone in three weeks and haven’t even been on a diet! The first session with Karen was an assessment of my current happiness and contentment with all the main aspects of my life, identifying the areas where I wanted to be more successful or content, and looking in detail at my current eating habits and exercise routines. I decided what I would eat and when and what sized portions I would have, and agreed these with Karen. Nothing was ruled out even cake, my main weakness! However, I decided to allow myself a small slice of cake once a week rather than a large slice several times a week. Instead of four cups of coffee a day I had one, and increased my intake of water. I am sleeping better and feeling healthy and energised. I’m not on a diet; I have changed my eating habits and now eat more of the good stuff that was already in my diet, and less of the bad stuff which has low nutritional value, high fat or sugar content.

In terms of my exercise, Karen asked me what I enjoyed doing in this area. After some discussion in a coaching session, I committed to walking fast 20 minutes a day at a regular time when I believed that I would be able to do this, without any pressure on my work or domestic life. Everything I have agreed to do has been my choice, my suggestion and therefore it’s totally sustainable!

At the same time as working on the diet and exercise plan, we began to work on my happiness – gaining greater control in areas of my life where it was lacking, being braver where I had been hiding from problems that were making me depressed. I can say hand on heart that coaching with Karen has transformed my life – I am focused on my business again with gusto, how I look and how I feel is important again, and I am starting to deal with the problematic areas of my life which are not making me happy. I advise all of you who have been on diet after diet, only to put the weight on again, to visit a coach like Karen. Like me you will realise it’s all about balance and happiness.”

Jackie, Bedfordshire

“The things I can do more easily now since coaching are that I feel more confident to delegate work to my staff, and am better at team building and ensuring staff know they are valued. I am more confident about my own leadership qualities and management skills which allows me to approach new areas of work with a more positive outlook. I am able to give myself permission to not always be able to complete everything to my perfectionist standards. I am more confident about saying no and have tools for problem solving.”

“The greatest advantages to me have been increased confidence and the opportunity to speak to someone about work challenges and get another perspective from someone who understands the NHS….I would recommend Karen without hesitation. She is full of enthusiasm, passion and positive outlook, very perceptive, curious, interested and non-judgemental. She listens to the whole story and then can pick up on the important details. I really felt Karen was giving me her full attention and really cared about my development. Karen is very energising and I left each session feeling more able to go back to tackle problems or continue with service developments….Her greatest competencies were her great understanding of the NHS and Change in the NHS, her ability to frame what I considered to be weakness into a more positive context, her ability to clearly identify when she was moving from coaching into mentoring, and she has an amazing toolbox of simple activities / tasks/ tools to refocus my outlook e.g. work/life balance grid.”

Deirdre, Cambridge

 “Please do not think twice before contacting Kelsey coaching.  Six months ago I was a middle aged family man having found himself suddenly signed off work with depression.  Coaching started with a thorough 360 degree lifestyle health check.  Karen’s style is honest and direct and her genuine desire and passion to help people is quite unique.  Five sessions later I find that I am back on my feel with a renewed confidence and starting a new business idea.  I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to work with Karen again as I feel that I have gained a trusted mentor.”

AR, Hitchin