” Coach Me Well ” for Brides to Be – Lose Weight for Good!

Coach Me Well – Because you want to LOOK AND FEEL amazing on your Wedding Day…and for the rest of your life! Research tells us that over 5 million women in the UK lose weight before their wedding day and more than 10% lose 4 stone or more.  Yet, 57% put it all back on […]

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The Power of Life Coaching

The Power of Life Coaching – You too can transform your life and become happier and more successful! The one consistent outcome that I hear from my clients, time and again, is that they are actually HAPPIER as a result of coaching.   The surprising thing is that they are happier irrespective of the type of […]

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Return on investment (ROI) – How can ROI from coaching be calculated?

It’s difficult to quantify some of the outcomes from coaching and mentoring e.g. happiness, contentment, motivation and feeling inspired, empowerment, feeling less stressed and having better relationships at home or at work or both. Some outcomes are easier to quantify because the changes in behaviour, attitude and skill, have an easily identified financial benefit in business terms . E.g. increased leadership capability can lead to lower staff turnover, greater productivity and lower sickness levels to name but a few.

Coaches often struggle to explain the benefits a client will enjoy in terms that a business might find appealing.

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