How can coaching help?

“Empowering Personal Best”

So you generally feel quite content, but there are a few issues or problems you would like to resolve that would make you feel truly happy. If you could just change a couple of aspects of your current life situation, or you could take more control over certain elements of your life, you would definitely feel happier. But you haven’t got time at the moment, and these things are not a priority right now.

Let’s say you have a goal or dream that you keep putting off, possibly saving it for when you’ve retired, when you’ve reached a size 12, or when the children have left home. Surely NOW you deserve to be as happy and successful as possible?

A Life Coach can help you achieve greater happiness and success in all aspects of your life. A Performance Coach can help you perform better in your pursuits, career, or learning. An Executive Coach can help senior people and professionals who need the head space and goal-focused approach, to really make a difference to their problem solving, decision-making, communication and leadership styles.

Coaching can be used successfully for any professional or personal issue, blockage or problem as long as a clear goal can be agreed which will initiate the process – here are some examples of topics or subject areas where coaching, particularly when used with NLP techniques, can be successfully used, but remember these are just examples and there are many more applications….

  • Improve individual or group performance, motivation, productivity
  • Perform really well at interview and gain that promotion you desire
  • Be well prepared for your annual appraisal
  • Become a more effective manager and/or leader
  • Make the right decisions about career path and direction
  • When setting up a new business
  • Enjoying better relationships at home and/or work
  • Losing weight, getting fitter, and adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • Increase your clarity and self awareness
  • Provide a clearer sense of direction towards your goal or to solve a problem
  • Take control of your life and feel less anxious or stressed
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Achieve better work/life balance
  • Decrease your feelings of anxiety, challenge your self-limiting beliefs and increase feelings of empowerment
  • Help you to live a more authentic life and ultimately be happier
  • Help you to identify what really motivates you and use this knowledge to live a more rewarding life
  • Increase your performance at work
  • Address Fears and Phobias which hold you back in life
  • Remove bad habits and behaviours which are not serving you well in your life