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This consists of the following:

1.  Bespoke 360 degree appraisal questionnaire designed based on the Organisation’s culture, values and behaviours.

2.  Based on the feedback,  Personalised Appraisal Report is generated and shared with the individual in a confidential 1:1 feedback session.

3.  Personal Development Plans are agreed as a result of the feedback session, and leadership development goals are framed.

4. Individualised and Targeted Performance Coaching is delivered over a 3-6 month period to assist the individual to meet their development goals.

5. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the process in terms of improved leadership skills demonstrated by the individuals, and an overall Return on Investment report is provided.

This package will deliver GUARANTEED satisfaction and transformational results for Executive and Senior / Middle Managers , whose leadership is key to the success of the organisation.


How do you empower your staff to be the best they can be……and enjoy the benefits of their success?

As a leader you will be aware that the first step towards effective leadership is self-awareness and an appreciation of the different personality types required for effective team working.

As you know, there is no benefit in having a team full of ‘ideas’ people without having someone who is goal focussed and has the drive to implement and turn these ideas into real business opportunities.

So, how do you improve the performance of your teams?

  • Pay them more money?
  • Offer more incentives? E.g. private gym membership?

Or, do you provide the opportunity for them to excel through increased self-awareness and an appreciation of every member’s unique contribution to the success of the team?

Research on motivation in the workplace shows that the way to motivate your teams to perform to their potential, and therefore increase your profits, is by showing appreciation of employees unique contribution and talents – in fact, the less appreciated we feel our work is, the more money we want to do it!

So what are we suggesting?  By offering your employees self-development training using Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) you will give them the opportunity to build better relationships with other team members, recognise and appreciate the contribution of others, resulting in more effective team performance.  Clearly, this will have a positive impact upon your bottom line – increased retention of a motivated and valued team, reduced recruitment costs, reduced training costs as well as those associated with absenteeism.

That is not all you can expect to gain from this investment; you will increase:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership capability
  • Effective communication
  • Personal and team motivation
  • Problem solving ability
  • Personal resilience
  • Team understanding and cohesion

So by booking this training today for your staff, you will not only show that you appreciate them but create harmonious, goal focused and highly productive team/s.  Sounds good for business, doesn’t it?  That’s because it is!

Details of the coaching workshops:

The Personality Type Report: you can decide whether you require the on line psychometric questionnaire to be completed by each employee, resulting in an in-depth report of personality types within the Team – this must be commissioned by the trainers externally at a cost of £28.50 per person.  The report is RECOMMENDED as it provides more in-depth analysis for the employee and the team of their personality types,  how they interact, and possible strengths and weaknesses in different situations.  It will identify when behaviours indicate that pressure is becoming stress and could sabotage effective communication and team work.   Add the cost of £28.50 per person if you would like to request this report for each member of the team.  The reports will be shared as part of the coaching workshop.

Costs per Team Member based on Group Size and Duration of Workshop:

Costs below for team sizes do NOT include the MBTI Personality Type Report.  Costs below DO include cost of training venue, equipment and refreshments (but not lunch):

For 4-6 employees the cost of a bespoke session is £150 per person – 3 hours

For 7-10 employees the cost of a bespoke session is £125 per person – 4 hours

For 11-15 employees the cost of a bespoke session is £99 per person – 5 hours.

Please note that these prices are reduced significantly if the business/organisation can provide a training venue, equipment and refreshments for the trainers to deliver the workshop.  See below *

Bespoke Nature of the Workshop:

The courses will be tailored to the individual needs of teams based on the outcomes required by the commissioning manager, but will be between 3 and 5 hours in duration, as indicated above.  The trainers will require some background information on the team before the session so that the training can be targeted and most effective.

The venues will be local to your business, comfortable, well equipped and refreshments will be provided.  However, if sessions are 4 hours or longer, teams will need to bring their own lunch. 

* For companies that have access to their own training facilities and refreshments, the prices per person will be markedly reduced i.e. £99.00; £80.00; £65.00 based on group sizes above.

Contact the Trainers today:

The trainers will be Karen Kelsey from the Kelsey-Coaching Practice in Hitchin and Rachel Brown, Learning and Development Director from Niche Learning Programmes, Hertfordshire, both of whom are MBTI qualified Practitioners and experienced trainers.

Please ring Kelsey-Coaching for an informal chat about your requirements or complete the form on this web site.


This programme has been specifically designed with SMEs in mind.  We recognise the flexibility you require in terms of COST and TIME and we have included the areas of development we think you need to GUARANTEE the success of your business, whether there’s just you or you have several hundred employees.

We focus on four main categories:

  • Marketing and Sustaining Clients,
  • Using Time More Productively,
  • Getting more from your Employees, and
  • Clarity of Direction and Identifying the Gaps.

Within each of these categories are two or three products e.g. Improve the Quality and Effectiveness of your marketing, Improving Presentation Skills to WIN that contract, Manage your Time Better and Be More Productive for Less, Create clearer strategic vision for the Future of your Business.   There are other products included but these are just some examples.

The programme allows you to decide which products you need and ‘pick and mix’ them to create a coaching programme which best suits your needs at the current time.  If there’s a subject not included in the programme which you think would be beneficial, we can design a coaching product to suit your individual requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more about this bespoke programme for SME Business Owners/Directors, contact Kelsey-Coaching today either by telephone or using the on-line form for enquiries and we will send you the brochure about this programme.  If you are as committed to your personal development as we are, we will guarantee you and your business will benefit from this programme.


 Empowering Personal Best”