The Power of Life Coaching

The Power of Life Coaching – You too can transform your life and become happier and more successful!

The one consistent outcome that I hear from my clients, time and again, is that they are actually HAPPIER as a result of coaching.   The surprising thing is that they are happier irrespective of the type of coaching they have experienced – whether it’s been focusing on their career goals, losing weight, gaining more from their relationships or life in general.

This is probably because, by its very nature, coaching is empowering.  It raises confidence and increases feelings of self-controlIt puts you in the driving seat of your own life with greater perspective and clarity than you had before.

There’s a common misconception that coaches TELL YOU what to do to become happier and more successful.  This is not true and if it were, it would not be an empowering process where real self-development could take place.  We use our training, coaching experience and emotional intelligence to help you discover your own true motivations, desires, values, aims and aspirations and help to remove ‘interference’, which threatens to block your route to success.

Unfortunately, despite its often life-changing outcomes, Life Coaching is not yet viewed in the UK as the respectable profession it is.   It is also often confused with counselling and whilst there is clearly an overlap, counselling tends to deal with psychological problems and the past whereas coaching focuses on the here and now and moving forward into your future.

Coaching is totally confidential and goal focused and can be applied to any problem or aspiration.   The power of coaching is enhanced by the relationship between the coach and client, based on mutual commitment to the client’s success in reaching their goals or solving their problem.  Strong rapport, honed listening skills, questioning, paraphrasing, summarizing, and use of creative coaching tools and techniques all serve to move the client to a place where they can think without interference and with altered perspective and clarity.  In this space, the real learning begins.

The client is able to break down barriers, dissect difficult problems which at first seem insurmountable into more manageable chunks, and take themselves out of their comfort zone to a point where they are able to really learn about themselves, their preferences, and expectations for their life.

Choosing the right coach for you is very important.  I recommend you do your homework on your coach before signing up to a number of sessions which should cost around £50-£75 an hour.  This investment in your future happiness and success is small when you consider the enormous benefits you could achieve for yourself.

Have a read what Katherine said about the significant changes in her life after just 3 life-coaching sessions!  See “What do People Say? ”  page for Katherine’s testimonial.  







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