” Coach Me Well ” for Brides to Be – Lose Weight for Good!

Coach Me Well – Because you want to LOOK AND FEEL amazing on your Wedding Day…and for the rest of your life!

Research tells us that over 5 million women in the UK lose weight before their wedding day and more than 10% lose 4 stone or more.  Yet, 57% put it all back on during honeymoon and shortly after returning home.  This is because most weight loss programmes deliver quick results which are non-sustainable and can adversely affect your health and wellbeing.  As soon as you stop the programme, you start to put the weight back on, and sometimes more than you had originally to lose!

That’s why we’ve created Coach Me Well which is holistic, alternative and focused on supporting your weight loss and wellness journey over a 6 month period which you will then be equipped to continue alone.  It delivers sustainable weight loss, fitness and wellbeing results and there’s no prescribed diet, shakes, bars and restricted food ranges!  The Programme is under-pinned by Life Coaching using NLP, Hypnotherapy, Exercise Coaching and Nutritional Therapy and we focus on your self-esteem, confidence, and feelings of control over your own life.  We guarantee you will not only be slimmer and fitter, but feel happier and more satisfied with life generally, and your bad habits and behaviours will be replaced with positive ones.

Coach Me Well – the last weight loss and wellbeing programme you will ever need.

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